How Did You Learn That?

How Did You Learn That?

I have a few friends that live in other countries and I have noticed a trend….they all know how to make stuff! For example, TweedyGirl..she can make tortillas, bread that ends up like english muffins, puddingy cake, brown sugar, & I am sure an assortment of other wonderful things. My friend in PNG, she can make bagels. My friend in Ethiopia she makes absolutely everything! My question is, did you learn to do these things before you went overseas, or did you learn these things out of necessity? I think it would be so great to know how to make all these things from scratch. You ladies are awesome…I am jealous. You get the Laura Ingalls Wilder award!

One thought on “How Did You Learn That?

  1. Out of necessity. Tortillas are super expensive here… they don’t have brown sugar… But those things don’t hold a candle to knowing how to sew and quilt!!!!

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