9 Years

9 Years

This post is a little late, but oh well. This last week DaddyZabba and I celebrated 9 years of marriage. How could it be that it has been that long? I can still remember when I didn’t want to date him at all, (in high school..it is a long story), when we were just friends, the day we became “boyfriend/girlfriend”, nearly every detail of getting engaged…now 9 years has flown by and we are parents! How is that possible? Our anniversary consisted of taking the kids to see Dad play in a work volleyball game, followed by putting the kids to bed, then working on emails (both work related and fun), then realizing that it is 9:30pm and we haven’t eaten, so DaddyZabba went to my favorite Italian place and got dinner. It might not have been all planned out and organized, but it was a perfect night. Here’s to another 9+ Baby!

One thought on “9 Years

  1. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! I still remember all the girls looking at your ring in that Intercultural Studies class we had together. Kraft, I think?! Do you rememeber that?

    It seemed SO grown-up to have a ring and be engaged. =) (You were a little ahead of the rest of us.) At that point, I was still in a dorm room with a poster of Adam Sandler on the door. =)

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