The Birds & The Bees

The Birds & The Bees

This conversation had the potential for disaster, but what the heck…

BigZabba and I were having a light hearted conversation about her wanting LittleZabba to grow up.

BZ – Mommy, I can’t wait for LittleZabba to grow up so she can sleep in my bed.
Me – That will be a lot of fun.

(Then she started talking about how we would then not need baby formula any more and she would get to eat lots of different foods…then she says..)

BZ – …unless we get another baby, then we will need to get more formula.

(here we go…..)

me – How do we get another baby?
BZ – We have to wait a long time for one.
me – How do we know when we get one?
BZ – Just when we get it.
me – Where does the baby come from?
BZ – You had a baby.
me – Where does it come from?
BZ – From you Mommy!
me – How does it get inside Mommy?
BZ – It’s kind of magical, I don’t really know how it gets in you, it is just magical.

Disaster averted and all is well & magical.