The Today Show – update

The Today Show – update

We had a great time today. There were a lot of babies there, but they were all amazing. It was crazy how quiet it was considering there were 15 babies! They must’ve loved the food!

They brought out a ton of food and we just sat around and fed the babies while the camera rolled. LittleZabba loves to eat, so she just kept packing it in. Every time I got up to get more she would cry, and as soon as the spoon was in her mouth again she was very happy.

They interviewed all the moms. That was a little intimidating. “So why do you choose organic baby food over others?” “Is cost a factor for your family when it comes to buying organic?” “What is the best part of this process for you?” I felt a little I probably sounded like I didn’t know how to speak English, but oh well. LittleZabba stole the show. She was all smiles, even with a face full of peas.

We then had to get a picture with Chef Troy. He is a very nice man. I think LittleZabba has somewhat of a crush on him. She wouldn’t take her eyes off him. He loved it! The owners gave us some free baby food to take home, which was a very nice gesture. So I highly recommend Homemade Baby to anyone for all their baby food needs – they even offer free shipping to Southern California & Las Vegas, and 10% off your order through August 8, 2007 with coupon code MWS08.

Tune in to The Today Show on August 24 (maybe the 8am hour) to see our segment.