What are you doing with your Monday?

What are you doing with your Monday?

I got an interesting phone call the other day. The owner of Homemade Baby (where I buy LittleZabba’s food) called me and asked, “Would you be free to come to the store on Monday? We are being featured on The Today Show and would like to show some babys in our tasting room.” To which I responded in an amazingly calm and cool voice, “Yes that sounds like fun. We are free.” Then she said, “Do you have some friends you could bring? We would like all the Moms to know each other and feel comfortable together & relaxed.” Do I have friends…heck yeah! So that is what we are doing tomorrow. She wants everyone to come looking like they are going to a play date…I don’t think so. If she saw what I wear to a play date she would think twice about using that as an example. So in my most formal looking play date attire, with my makeup and hair just perfect we will be going to taste baby food on The Today Show. Hopefully LittleZabba will cooperate and look completely adorable while eating peas and pears.

One thought on “What are you doing with your Monday?

  1. Play date clothes. That’s hilarious. =) Yeah, I wouldn’t go for that either! Would they really want to see me in sweat shorts, sandals, and a tank top? =) Maybe they were worried you all would show up in heels and hose. =)

    Have fun! LZ is gorgeous. Let’s hope she is a good eater there too.

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