3 thoughts on “Screaming Update

  1. Oh…. that’s such a bummer!!! I have no suggestions as I haven’t been there yet. You get to blaze the trail.

  2. Do you think it is because she is afraid, or because she wants the attention? I know the teacher’s aid at Z’s school keeps inviting him in and treating him special, and I think he’s made a connection with her, and that seems to be helping. Also, I enrolled him in a very small preschool class so that he wouldn’t be so intimidated (Z is fairly people shy).

    What about if you gave her a special something to keep with her through the day so she knows you are thinking of her? (like a pretty, cheap bead bracelet?) Or what about if you brought goodies for the class under her name so she got some special attention for bringing goodies? Z likes being a helper, and so I think the aid keeps inviting him into the room and giving him a helping task (put all the pillows on the floor).

    The other thing I am doing is talking about Mrs. Wilhelm all the time. (Z’s teacher, whom I know nothing about). But at night when we pray I thank God for Mrs. Wilhelm, for Z’s new school. Or if Z asks me a question, I might say, I don’t know but I bet we could ask Mrs. Wilhelm and she would know. trying to lend her some credibility in his eyes. ?????

  3. bam – i really don’t know why she is doing it. i ask her about it, and she can’t tell me. i tried giving her a small photo album to take with her, but that didn’t work. monday will be here soon enough and we will see how she does. i am trying your idea of talking about the teacher and saying “maybe ms. would know that..” we’ll see though. thanks for the ideas!

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