3 thoughts on “The Screamer

  1. What do you mean? Screaming because she doesn’t want to be there? Screaming because she doesn’t want to leave at the end? =(

  2. I guess that could be read different ways. She was sad because she didn’t want me to leave. When I went to pick her up she was great and telling me what a fun time she had. I hope she remembers all the fun when it is time to drop her off tomorrow…

  3. My son is 3, and he screamed the first 2 years that we would drop him off in the nursury at church. He still does not enjoy going, and every time we graduate to a new classroom, he screams all over again. It is SOOO hard! I know! I usually start prepping him to leave for preschool a good two hours before we go. Not trying to talk him into it, but saying, “Z, first we’ll play puzzles, than we’ll do a craft, and then we’ll have lunch, and then after lunch you’ll go to see Mrs. Wilhelm at school!” He is still a little hesitant when we get there, but at least no screaming. I did have to have a teacher’s aid help him into the classroom because he was hiding behind my leg! 🙁 Hang in there! She’ll adjust.

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