10 Years By the Numbers

10 Years By the Numbers

To celebrate 10 years of marriage here is a summary of our married life. We have (in no particular order)….

lived in 3 houses
attended 3 different churches
had 2 kids
owned 5 cars
worked at 6 jobs
created 3 websites
had 18 email addresses
visited 12 countries
endured 5 ER visits
taken 6 Hawaii trips
owned 5 computers
made 12 feature films
had 1 empty gas tank
lived through 1 car accident
enjoyed 1 hot air balloon ride
owned 10 cell phones
taken 31,610 digital photos (since owning a digital camera)

2 thoughts on “10 Years By the Numbers

  1. Oooh! Fun post! I thought the 18 email addresses one was crazy and the 6 trips to Hawaii was fun. Happy 10th Anniversary! I still remember the girls leaning over to admire your engagement ring in class. =)

  2. Congratulations on 10 year! Larry and I just had our 7th in May, and I can’t wait to get to 10. Neat list!

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