3 thoughts on “They’re Working!

  1. shasha here…i tried to see the photos too, but i’m sure BigD caan figure it out. He is a marvel and a whiz at fixing and creating and making the most geeky things work like a charm.How did you ever find him????? What a lucky (no-blessed mamaZ). I listened to papy’s voice and it made me cry all over again, but I know that grieving is a process and remembering his life through these special things is very helpful.Big Z has such a sweet special relationship with Jesus already and it comes out in her prayers in such wonderful words. Thanks for helping her come to know the Lord at such an early age.

  2. I love the pictures and what a remembrance of fun times in the middle of sadness. Country life has so much to offer families and I am so glad that I lived it for so long and that my babies tasted it too. It’s in the blood!! Country skillet breakfast and ground berries can’t be beat!!

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