More Love Notes

More Love Notes

What is a Mom to do with all the precious notes and drawings that are given to her? BigZabba has been writing notes and drawing pictures for me everyday during her quiet play time. They are so precious and wonderful, but what do I do with all of them? I can’t bring myself to throw them away, but if this keeps up I will be knee high in notes! Keep in mind that while I do like to keep stuff (I still have my teeth the dentist pulled out when I was little – gross I know), I am not sure what to do with all this. Any thoughts?

3 thoughts on “More Love Notes

  1. Just what you are doing – take pictures of them. Of course you’ll need to save some, but a picture of your note or picture can be saved onto your computer and printed out whenever you desire. We do this with art done on the white board as well. Otherwise we’d have to purchase quite a few white boards because no one ever wants to erase anything “special”.

  2. Courtney’s idea is good. I save some and throw some… I’ve started noticing that I get some art, etc that is very similar so I weed them out. So cute though. And fun surprise seeing you today!

  3. I found your blog through design for mankind! My mother actually saved pieces my younger brother and i did growing up, framed them, and hung them on a wall in her kitchen. The wall had been bare for years and she needed to fill the space anyway. She has artwork from kindergarten through today – my brother and I both dabble in photography! It’s always a great conversation starter in her house too! 🙂

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