Hillsong & Bondi Beach

Hillsong & Bondi Beach

We stayed in an apartment while in Manly Beach. The first night we were there I had to do laundry since we were all out of clothes. After a few hours of waiting, and sore hands from wringing I discovered that the washer and dryer did not work. We had clothes hanging from everywhere for a few days. The air was so moist, since we were so close to the beach, and the clothes were so terribly wet, they did not dry for many days. When they did dry they had an unpleasant moldy smell. That was successful.

On Sunday we got up and took a ferry and 2 buses to get to church. We visited Hillsong Church. It was a great service. We were so impressed with everything about it. The worship was great, the kids program was fun for the girls, and the people we so welcoming and friendly. We met 2 ladies who sat with us and told us some thing we should visit while we were in town.

After church we took a bus and then a train to Bondi Beach. It was the last day of Sculpture by the Sea. We thought we should see it while we had the chance. After a great lunch we took a walk down to the beach and looked at the various sculptures.

It was a really warm day and the water looked so wonderful. Ah if we only had our swim suits with us.

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