Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

While starting to watch Surf’s Up, when the Columbia logo came on at the beginning she said,

That looks like Jesus’ sister, but I know it is really God

BigZabba is home sick today with the flu. She has been doing her share of whining, which is ok when you feel as bad as she does. Everytime she starts whining again I think she is about to be sick, so I run to her side. (I have been doing a lot of running around so far today) Well, the whining started so I went running only to find out that the whiny voice was because she spilled some of her juice. So I said,

Everytime you whine I think that you are going to be sick. So lets save the whining for an emergency.

She replied,

Ok, like if someone took our toilet and we needed to go potty.

Yeah, just like that.