Life Moments

Life Moments

The last few weeks I have been reading Maggie Mason’s blog posts about things she would like to do before she dies, and memories that she hopes flash before her eyes just before she dies. It has been interesting to read her thoughts.

This week I started a short Bible Study called “Live Like you Were Dying“. The last question for the week was, think back to some of your best life moments. This sounds a lot like Maggie’s list of memories she hopes come to mind in her last moments.

Here are a few of my favorite life moments: ( I could write more, but I hear the girls waking up)
-singing the Stars Spangled Banner at the top of the Eiffel Tower
-riding a vespa in Italy in the rain
-Easter in Ecuador
-practicing shoe tieing with my parent’s dinner guests
-taking walks with my Mom (the more you talk, the further you go)
-throwing my sister’s surprise bridal shower
-my wedding day
-seeing the stick with two lines
-running on the beach in Brazil
-sledding down the hill at Pappy’s house
-the days my girls were born
-fireworks over the Sydney harbor
-East End Hoagies
-Gardners Peanut Butter Meltaways
-getting tipsy for the first time
-girls night out with Lola
-2am Dr. Pepper explosion with my Mom and Sister
-trying to make butterscotch pie by melting butterscotch candy
-my first day of teaching
-salad with italian dressing and english muffins with my Mom
-hiding in a huge pile of leaves
-sleeping in my sister’s room when the thunder was too scary
-riding my bike super fast down the hill on our street

What are your favorite life moments?

2 thoughts on “Life Moments

  1. this sounds great. i will check her out! loved your list of favorite memories. you have inspired me to make my own list.

  2. fave moments.

    =visiting CA the first time (6mo) after getting married and moving away – it was my sister’s wedding – no time ever felt more romantic and family at the same time
    =silly dancing with my family every saturday morning after family devotionals were over
    =family devotionals
    =sitting in the Swiss Alps with my friend Abi – we spent a cool summer day just resting in a meadow with the most perfect view of a church in a valley
    =traveling through Greece with my sister
    =my honeymoon
    =spooning on the couch with Jay on a sunday afternoon
    =the feeling of my first finished painting and subsequent art show
    =the smell of my dog, Scout
    =wearing Zane in a sling
    =Mercy’s face the first time she saw the castle at Disneyland
    =my mom’s night out slumber parties and dinners with my Chicago girlfriends
    =walking by the Chicago river in so many different seasons
    =my parents
    =the joy on my kids’ faces when they saw they had a house and a yard
    =walks on the beach in winter (alone and as a family)
    =houseboating with my college friends
    =snow every Christmas eve we were in chicago
    =the first flowers that poked through that snow 5 months later

    if i had more time, i could think of a hundred more, but those are a bunch of the top on my list…

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