Parents Magazine Give-Away

Parents Magazine Give-Away

Hello all. I am giving away a one year subscription to Parents magazine. Yes, this is my way of forcing comments. So, if you want a magazine, or know someone who does, this is the deal: tell me something interesting about yourself. I will pick the most interesting comment as the winner! You have until April 19th. Ready, Set, Go.

8 thoughts on “Parents Magazine Give-Away

  1. Well, when I was born, I was born with both boy and girl parts. The doctors said that my parents could choose which way they wanted to go with that. They had always wanted a little girl, so off went the boy parts, and they named me Susan.

    Is one of your requirements that the interesting fact needs to be true?

  2. There is no way I can outdo the first comment, but at least mine is true. I don’t take vitamins, don’t eat fruit or vegetables and to date, I’m healthier than my husband who does all the ‘right’ things.

  3. i’ll tell lola and maybe she will write a post about it! and susan, while your comment is interesting, it would be an instant win if only it were true!

  4. once, in high school, when i was out on the softball field, my friend made me laugh so hard i passed out! on minute i was clutching my stomach in hysterical laughter, and the next, i was looking up, surrounded by my entire team, coach included, while i lay on the grass in a confused heap.

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