This past week we went camping. We had a lot of fun. Camping means…

riding horses, playing at the park, bears, an army of mosquitoes, lots of dogs, adventures in the wilderness, meadow photos, fishing, hikes, devil’s post pile, rainbow falls, becoming a jr. ranger, dirt, dirt and more dirt, uncombed hair, hot dogs, dirty faces, campfires, bodie, mono lake, windy times, bike riding, snuggling in a sleeping bag, mis-matched clothes & lots of fun.


5 thoughts on “Camping

  1. I’m so glad you all had a good week of camping. You 4 packed a lot into that week and the photos are great. Thanks for sharing with us – we’ve not had the ‘bear’ experiences you did – you get the prize.

  2. What fun!! I love camping. My goodness you got some fantastic shots! I kept thinking, “Oh, THAT’S my favorite one. No wait, THAT one for sure…” Really beautiful. Were you really that close the bear???!!!

  3. The bear was about 50 yards away, so we were plenty safe. It was exciting though! We actually saw 3. LZ still talks about the bear…”he was eating all the peoples food Mom!”

  4. What great pictures! You always have beautiful photos though! And how FUN that you were able to see so many bears! Our whole family would have loved that! We really need to take them camping soon!

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