LittleZabba Day

LittleZabba Day

BigZabba is spending a few days at ShaSha’s house.  That means that LittleZabba and I get to have lots of quality time together.  It is really strange to just have one child to care for, but it is fun too.

This morning we went to the beach to collect shells for LittleZabba’s “rock box”.  She got so excited every time she found a shell.  She exclaimed, “it’s gorgus!”  (gorgeous)  After getting plenty of shells in our pockets and more than enough sand in our shoes we headed to the park.  We played on the swings, the see-saw, ran around the little castle, and ate pretend food in her restaurant.  Our last event of the morning was to have lunch with Daddy at work.  Today was Weiner Wednesday…who can pass up a good weiner.  We even watched the annual hot dog eating contest.  It was a fun filled, action packed morning.  LittleZabba is totally asleep, probably dreaming about shells, swings and lots of hot dogs.

4 thoughts on “LittleZabba Day

  1. I didn’t know Rob changed jobs and is now a food service employee. Well, I always knew it was too good to be true.
    Hot Dogs…my favorite food…OK, one of my many favorite foods…just look at the pictures on my Facebook.
    Cute pics.

  2. Can’t wait until little Zabba can come for overnights. Ahhhh….life at the beach….can’t be beat!! Her little face is priceless.

  3. I love the pics! Wish we had been there for Weenie Wednesday too. Sounds like little Zabba got some nice quality time with her Mama. Good for her!

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