Today we played hookey.

In all honesty, this morning was tough for us.  Lots of arguing, disobeying, complaining…it was enough to drive even the most patient mother crazy.  During a particularly tense moment, Mommy had to give herself a time out.  During that time out I decided that we needed to take a break from the routine of the day, take a step back, start over and make a new plan for the day.

We packed some snacks, loaded the car with the puppy and the Leapsters and we headed to ShaSha’s house.  ShaSha’s house is a welcome relief for any weary traveler, or in my case, a weary mother.  ShaSha’s house is a place for a weary daughter to go when she needs her Mommy.  Today I needed my Mommy.  She talked to me, made me lunch, taught me how to make cream puffs (i am not sure i learned, but i sure enjoyed eating them!), made me dinner, let me lounge on the couch & played with my kids.

We spent all day at ShaSha’s house.  We came home tired but refreshed after our day of hookey.  Thank you ShaSha for letting us crash at your house all day.  You always know how to make it all better.

2 thoughts on “hookey

  1. Once a mommy….always a mommy…that calling never ends and I’m so glad that you still need your mommy!!

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