Cousin Time

Cousin Time

LittleZabba was thrilled to have her cousin ChooChoo with us for a few days.  They had such a fun time playing together.  I was a little scared to have a little boy in the house.  What do you do with boys?  I am new to that part of the game.  He was a little angel.  I quickly learned that I had nothing to be afraid of.

There are subtle differences.  The girls are always busy, but they are busy with little things, little toys, coloring, reading, dolls, & imaginary games.  ChooChoo was always busy too, but he was big busy, big running, big jumping, big talking, big gestures & big climbing.

One afternoon we went to our Mommy & Me class together.  It was so nice to see the two cousins playing together and enjoying the teaching time.  The craft for the day was making a Mother’s Day gift.  ChooChoo was very intense on completing his craft and choosing colors that he thought Mommy would like.  When I asked him what Mommy’s favorite color was, he instantly yelled “RED!!”  He is so right.  He eventually painted the whole top half of the pot red since it was his Mother’s favorite color.






Things I learned:

have juice on hand, buy more eggs, & go to the park so he can run off some of that big boy energy.