Recipe Try-Out

Recipe Try-Out

Today I spent some time trying out two recipes from MckMama.  The girls were very excited about trying Mommy’s creation.  Here we go.

Veggie Cereal

My food processor had a difficult time pulsing.  The problem was that the pecans that I chopped up first got all “buttery” around the blade, so it got gummed up a bit.  Once I got that sorted out, it was mostly ok, but it still wasn’t as easy as I had hoped to chop everything up.  I didn’t like it with the almond milk, but it was pretty tasty alone.  I liked the combination of the apples and the  pecans.

The kids verdict:

BigZabba – a big No all around, with a sour face and everything.

LittleZabba – No with the almond milk, and ok just by itself.

So the veggie cereal did not go over well with the small ones.  I doubt that I could get DZ to try it…it does look a bit healthy.


It smelled so good.  I made it with OJ, and she is right, it does cook very fast.  I added cranberries and garbanzo beans.  I thought it was quite tasty.  It was a little dry, but I think that is how cous-cous is supposed to be.

The kids verdict:

BigZabba – Initial reaction “I really like it.  It is much better than that other stuff.”  A few bites later, “I like it, except for this white stuff (the cous-cous). The cranberries and the beans are really good.”  I would say that is a bust.

LittleZabba – “I really like all of it, even the white stuff.”  She did seem to enjoy it, but she was more interested in playing than sitting and enjoying her bowl of food.

So, I think I would say that these two recipes just didn’t work so well.  I don’t think I will make them again seeing as the girls didn’t really love them.  I am planning on making MckPancakes on Friday, so we’ll see how that goes.