Poll Time

Poll Time

We need some opinions from our AllyZabba fans. We are working on a new blanket and have two options we are choosing from. In the past we loved our CuddleZabba blanket and we want to bring it back. So, please give your thoughts. Which blanket would you be more inclined to purchase?
(the blankets seen here are only samples, the exact fabrics may be different on the real blanket)

#1 double sided fleece blanket with coordinating satin binding

#2 double sided fleece blanket with coordinating cotton binding

Please comment here and let me know your thoughts on what color blanket and what style of binding you would like to see. For example, you might like to have a pink fleece blanket with a solid color satin binding, or you might like a white fleece blanket with a multicolored cotton binding.

On October 7 I will pick one comment at random and they will win a TravelZabba of their choice. Thanks in advance for helping us and giving your thoughts.