Poll Time

Poll Time

We need some opinions from our AllyZabba fans. We are working on a new blanket and have two options we are choosing from. In the past we loved our CuddleZabba blanket and we want to bring it back. So, please give your thoughts. Which blanket would you be more inclined to purchase?
(the blankets seen here are only samples, the exact fabrics may be different on the real blanket)

#1 double sided fleece blanket with coordinating satin binding

#2 double sided fleece blanket with coordinating cotton binding

Please comment here and let me know your thoughts on what color blanket and what style of binding you would like to see. For example, you might like to have a pink fleece blanket with a solid color satin binding, or you might like a white fleece blanket with a multicolored cotton binding.

On October 7 I will pick one comment at random and they will win a TravelZabba of their choice. Thanks in advance for helping us and giving your thoughts.

97 thoughts on “Poll Time

  1. Definitely satin trim! I rubbed the satin trim on my baby blanket until I was about 10! My girls love it now too.

  2. I like the satin trim as that is for sure what brings us back to the AllyZabba for gifts and fun new blankets in our house. I would then like to see color fleece to coordinate with the satin trim in either stripes, dots, etc! Can’t wait to get the new blanket from you 🙂

  3. Hi,
    I would love to see solid color fleece (pink, coral,yellow,mint green,yellow) with the Satin edging!! I love the polka dot satin!! My favorite!! I would definitely buy one or two!!! 🙂

  4. I like the fleece blanket with the satin binding. In blue of course for my little boy. It would be great for the cold winters here in Michigan!

  5. Satin binding for sure. As a kid, I rubbed the satin edge of my blanket between my thumb and first finger for comfort until it was full of holes.

    On second thought- make a giant zabba in the same combo. Who couldn’t use a little bit more comfort in their daily lives?

  6. I love option #1 with the satin binding!!! My best friend actually has the satin blanket and her baby adores it. I’m newly pregnant and will be getting the same blankey for my little monkey.
    Hope that helps,

  7. Oooh… How about:
    – dark brown fleece with dark blue satin binding
    – blue fleece with dark brown satin binding
    – dark brown fleece with choco dot satin binding
    – pink fleece with choco dot binding (satin)
    – blue camo fleece with dark blue satin binding
    – light blue fleece with dark blue satin binding
    – (i could go on…)

  8. I would love to see a pink fleece blanket with the satin trim, prefably with the chocolate dots pattern. that would be adorable! My daughter loves her ally zabba!

  9. I think sage green fleece with brown satin (polka dotted with matching green perhaps?) sounds lovely! I have a 20 month old daughter and am awaiting the arrival of a boy (any day now!) so that blanket could be used for either one!

  10. I would like to have a blue plaid fleece blanket with a solid satin trim. We aren’t particularly fond of cotton blakets, my little guy loves the soft fleece. And it’s not a blankey without the satin trim.

  11. I like the idea of the satin binding, but on a chocolate or green fleece. I’m afraid that the ivory would show dirt too quickly. I’d love the chocolate with the blue or pink aloha pattern!

  12. definitely satin binding!! I would say the ivory fleece or the choice of a coordinating pink or blue fleece that would match. And please make it soon!! We love our zabbas especially our mega!! This sound perfect for winter!

  13. I love the colorful satin binding! I heard somewhere that babies love the satin because it feels silky like the umbilical cord. Not sure if it’s true or not… but it sounds good! 🙂

  14. Pink or chocolate brown fleece with either multi or solid colored satin…definitely!!

    Love all your blankets so I’m sure whatever you decide will be beautiful 🙂

  15. Any color fleece with satin binding. Kyra has always been a fan of fleece ONLY, but having a couple of your blankets around has opened her mind to other textures. lol. she even promotes them!!! can’t wait to see what you come up with! good luck!

  16. Fabrics: fleece blanket /satin trim wins hands down for snuggliness and happy-toddler suckiness factors. Colors: I’d love to have the choice at the time of purchase. Would it be possible to offer various ie: three fleece colors – ivory / pale pink / chocolate and then second; you pick the coordinating trim. It would feel personalised, whilst at the same time keeping in line with the current styles and AllyZabba’ness which we all adore!

  17. Love the blankies!! I would love to see the blankets in different color fleece to coordinate with the polka dot satin trim and I would LOVE to see you offer EMBROIDERY on them!!!
    I’m such a big fan!!!
    Sandy H.

  18. I would like option #1 with the satin binding.

    Maybe a dark color fleece option so that the wear doesn’t show up on it so quick!

  19. I like the satin binding best and think it would be fun to see a patterned fleece with a solid binding. I prefer darker colors or jewel tones for flece and lining because they hide dirt better. I say blech to doing laundry. : ) Thanks for the chance!

  20. Satin binding all the way. I think kids/babies love the satin more than cotton. It’s more soothing. Can’t wait to see what you do!! 🙂

  21. Definitely the satin binding, and probably a pink (or blue) fleece with a solid satin… comfy and mod at the same time! Though I do like the polka dot satin in the photo… 😛

  22. Double sided fleece with satin binding- sounds so warm and nice! I like darker colors they hide stains a little better-I love the polka dots!

  23. I would go with Option #1. My little guy loves the satin. I think he’d love the fleece too, although I’d prefer something other than white (since it is more inclined to get dirty/stained) – a light green or pastel blue fleece with polka dot satin trim – so cute! Love your product, by the way. Finally got my one-year old to make his AllyZabba his “lovey”. Horray! 🙂

  24. I would definitely go for the satin binding. My little girls both love the satin part of their Zabbas. I would love a pink fleece with brown and pink stripes or polka dots or even a solid brown binding. For boys I think brown and blue would be cute. Then maybe a neutral one too like green with brown. Good Luck with this new project, I’m excited to see it.

  25. For my lil boy due this winter, i would get a light blue fleece blanket a satin trim in choco dots or pastel dots. Light green fleece would be nice too… All the best on this new project! 😀

  26. Like most of the moms who have already written in, I prefer the satin trim. I would prefer a solid field with patterned trim, but I would definitely consider one that was the other way around. The white/cream fabric doesn’t appeal to me as much as a (neutral, non-girly) color would.


  27. Without hesitation — SATIN! Esp. b/c we know and love our AllyZabba’s in this house for being ssssoooooo soft.

  28. I would love to see a fleece blanket in solids, kiwi, pink, brown, or blue, with your signature satin “dots” for the trim.

  29. We love to see #1 double sided fleece blanket with coordinating satin binding…..love it!!!! My son’s are so attached to there blankies….thank you!!!!

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