Social Networking

Social Networking

I used to be a fairly consistent blogger. I would post something every few days or so, but lately nothing. Why is that? My motivation in the past was to keep family up to date on the latest happenings in our home. More recently my family has all connected on Facebook, so the blog didn’t seem necessary anymore.

I used to be an excellent letter writer. I would write to friends who lived close and far. I love getting notes in the mail, so it was fun to see if my friends had written a return letter. However, again, with Facebook being an active part of most of my friend’s lives the letter writing has stopped. I feel like I know what is going on in Sally Sue’s life since I just read her latest status update, so the motivation to write isn’t there.

Seeing a daily glimpse into the lives of my friends gives the impression of connecting with them, but is that what I want my friendships to be like? I should get back to intentionally writing, calling and making a personal connection.

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  1. I feel the same way (and I understand the irony here, since I’m writing instead of calling). It’s hard to make the effort sometimes, but it’s so worth it! We just got a letter in the mail from a friend in Switzerland (who we mailed a Christmas card to), and it was just so nice. Something about the handwriting and the warmth of it… I wonder if our kids will feel the same way, growing up in the digital age and all.

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