Finding your Passion

Finding your Passion

It is so fun watching your children grow into themselves. Seeing them discover the things that they enjoy, the activities that make them happy, the best use of their gifts and talents. This year we have had the chance to see the girls take their own paths and dive into their creative side.

The oldest has had an interest in writing for many years. She loves reading, and has many stories running around in her head, but she had yet to write much of it down. This year she decided to make an effort to learn about writing and grow her abilities. She is taking a writing course called The One Year Adventure Novel. Over the course of the school year she has written a 12 chapter novel. She took the first semester to figure out her characters and their flaws and changes, story outline and settings. The second semester was all about writing the novel. She is currently in the editing phase. It has been wonderful to see her immerse herself into her story world and pour her heart into the characters. She has grown so much in her abilities and in her confidence. I hope that this will be a great starting point for her in her writing and in finding her passion.

The youngest has found an interest in acting. We have had the great opportunity to attend many broadway shows and that, combined with learning about movie making through her Dad, has fueled her desire to act. We found an acting school here and she has been taking some classes. Performing small skits with her classmates in front of the class has really helped boost her confidence and has helped with the stage nerves. At a recent broadway show we learned that they were looking for new children to audition. She took the leap and decided she wanted to put her name in to audition. She filled out the form, made a video of herself singing, and submitted her application. We are currently waiting to hear back if they want her to come in for an audition. Regardless of the outcome we are so proud of her for being vulnerable and putting herself out there. Every audition comes with the opportunity to learn and get feedback on your craft. It is wonderful to see her challenge herself with things that are a little scary to try. She sets her mind on something and she goes after it.

Maybe in a few years the oldest will write a play or a movie and the youngest will have the leading role. And The Oscar for best screenplay goes to… and The Oscar for best leading actress goes to… The Bredow sisters will be a force to be reckoned with.

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  1. I would love to be in the audience to see that oscar duo presentation ! They both are very creative and intelligent. They will make their mark!!
    So proud of them! ?

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