29 days.

It has been 29 days since we left London.

29 days of being in our home. Lounging on my couch, which is way comfier than our London couch. 29 days of seeing our neighbors and snuggling with the dog.

It has been wonderful to be home. Yet, there are parts that have been hard.

First and foremost I miss Rob. Without him our home isn’t complete. Without him we aren’t whole. I know that he will be home before we know it, but it isn’t the same here without him.

It has been hard adjusting to a busier life. It’s odd to say that our life in London was simpler, but it was. We had very little responsibility and a super flexible schedule. We walked or used public transportation so we didn’t have to worry about traffic. Now that we are home we have school schedules to adhere to, homework on top of that, extracurricular activities to fit in, as well as the added driving time. Life is just a little busier and it is taking some getting used to.

I miss having extra time with my kids. We were together every day, all day for one year. So when they are at school I get a little lonely. I miss having them come with me to the store. I miss eating lunch with them. I miss all the extra time.

I also miss Deliveroo. For only £2.50 you could get food delivered from nearly any restaurant in the area. There have been many days since coming home that I really wish Deliveroo was an option. Grubhub is an option in my area, but the delivery fee is $10. I can’t bring myself to spend an extra $10.

I have been looking at our London photos a lot lately. It is surreal that all of those photos are a representation of our year away. It all went by so fast. How is it possible that all of our experiences are just memories now? It really doesn’t seem possible that it’s all over and we are back home, back to normal life. Time really did fly by.

Every morning around 6:30am the workers at the barn across the street turn the horses out into the paddock. I love hearing the clippity clop of their hooves and I wake up. Every day around 4pm a breeze starts to blow through our neighborhood. I have loved sitting on the porch feeling the breeze, watching the trees sway and listening to the quiet. Every night I sit in my room with the window open hearing the crickets. I had forgotten all the wonderful sights and sounds of our neighborhood.

I do feel like my heart is split. I really fell in love with London. I think it will always hold a special place in my heart. We had a wonderful year, full of amazing, unique experiences. It was a special time for our family and I will cherish those memories forever. I also love our home and neighborhood here in NorCal. It is also a very special place.

I look forward to all that is ahead for us. The girls are already getting into a school routine, hanging out with friends and making plans for the school year. Horse lessons and music lessons are starting up again and we are reconnecting with neighbors and friends. In not too much time we will get to see all of Rob and the rest of the crew’s hard work on the silver screen. There is much to look forward to.