LA Textile Show

LA Textile Show

I am so excited to be attending the LA Textile Show in April. I can’t wait to see all the different fabrics and things that are new for 2007. (Not that I really know that much about what was around in 2006) It will be fun to browse the different manufacturers booths and be able to check out all the new stuff! I will be able to get some of AllyZabba’s current fabric, and see what new “Limited Editionz” I can find. Some girlfriends and I will be attending, so it will be like a massive fabric field trip!

One thought on “LA Textile Show

  1. I would love to go with you to this, ( I LOVE FABRIC!) but it’s during the day, and I work fulltime. But…I could maybe swing an afternoon off…

    Which day are you planning to attend? I saw on the faq page that they might have a sample sale that’s open to the gen. pub. on Friday 4/28…which may be a possibility for me.

    Are you attending as an industry person (versus gen. pub?)?

    I’m in Fullerton…where are you?

    you can e-mail me at kdhabbestad at yahoo dot com.

    Wow, we’re two for two! Runners AND fabricaholics!

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