Dr. De Soto

Dr. De Soto

So the dentist didn’t really go as planned, but it all worked out. BigZabba was all excited about going to the dentist, she was ready to be a big girl. We got in the room, and I think the dentist rushed things a bit too much and my “big girl” suddenly melted into a puddle. She didn’t want to sit in the chair, didn’t want to wear the paper bib, really didn’t want to look at the dentist and kept saying over and over again, “I really don’t want to do anything!” So, sobbing, because she thought she wouldn’t be able to turn 4, she got down and sat with LittleZabba while I got my teeth cleaned.
Once I was done she decided that she was ready to try again. She sat on my lap, bravely opened her mouth for the dentist, and did her best to not squirm while he brushed her teeth. (I would be interested to know what the dentist will charge the insurance company for her visit…45 seconds of looking in her mouth followed by 1 minute of brushing/polishing..maybe I am in the wrong business.)
Now thinking about her meltdown I wonder if her fear came from one of her favorite books, Dr. De Soto…a mouse dentist who pulls the tooth of a fox, using “tooth grabbers”. She did make a comment about the tooth brush having a tooth grabber on the end..hmm..maybe that is what it was all about.
At least we got this first visit out of the way and hopefully the next will be a piece of cake!

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  1. Ooooh, I’d forgotten about that De Soto book! Yeah, I think that would do it for me too!! Ew. Well good for her for giving it another go.

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