"Freelancer to Base Camp"

"Freelancer to Base Camp"

These last few days have been so great.

Yesterday I went with a friend to the set of Alias! I am such a fan of that show!! Being on the set was just such a blast. I was able to meet & shake hands with, Jennifer Garner, Ron Rifkin & Victor Garber. I even saw Michael Vartan on his bike. I know it is silly, but it was fun to see them in person. It was a lot of fun. I was quite star struck so I tried to play it cool and not act too much like a crazed fan.

Today I went to the LA Textile show. I was able to get some more of our current fabrics, as well as some new fabric to start a new line of AllyZabba blankets. It worked out really well because DaddyZabba was able to come with me. He helped take care of the Zabbas and help me make fabric choices.

The Zabbas are in bed, my orders have been shipped & I sit here eating a chocolate muffin. Life is good.

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  1. It’s so nice to have those great sort of days! Helps make up for those blech-y ones like you had a week or so ago.

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