I Find it Sickening!

I Find it Sickening!

Once again I am reminded that I married a genius…or a madman, however you wish to look at it. Here is the scenario…

me: i have been having trouble lately sewing the blankets. i can’t seem to get them to line up evenly. the fabric moves around so much as i sew.
him: [click, clack, click, clack of the computer keyboard] this one lady on this board found that sewing with tissue paper seems to help.
me: well i think i will try once more and see how it goes.

off i go to sew…while i am pinning, he comes in.

him: i read another lady say that you had to make sure the pressure foot tension wasn’t too much. can you adjust that?
me: (speaking with authority because i know about my machine) no, you can adjust the thread tension, but i can’t adjust the pressure foot.
him: do you mind if i read the manual about it.
me: sure go ahead..(thinking, he won’t find anything in there about it. he thinks he knows everything.)
him: oh here it is, this knob adjusts the pressure foot tension. maybe turn it down and see if that helps.
me: (stunned) oh, ok. sure, i’ll try.

off i go to pin and sew.

it worked. the fabric didn’t move around, it was much better. how does he do that? it is sick!