Do I really think that I can finish a half-marathon? Am I just kidding myself?
Why isn’t the left over baby weight coming off?
Will I ever get back into my pre-pregnancy pants?
At what point do I just accept this new body shape/size and buy new pants?
Will all the laundry ever be done?
Is God trying to teach me something? Am I just not listening?
Why does BigZabba always ask “Why”?
Why am I so sensitive lately?
What is this that I am feeling? frustration? anxiety? stress?
How many gallons of milk have I bought in my life?
Am I doing too much? Should I take a break from something? What?
Why are the oranges so good lately, and the grapefruits so bad?

One thought on “Questions

  1. Jill!!! I can so realate to most of your questions!!! (The oranges are really good… I haven’t tried any of the grapefruit! =) )
    Seriously, I am glad you shared… I hope you feel better sharing, and I hope you know there is at least one other mom who has asked those same questions many times over the last 5 years!!!

    Love you!!!

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