BigZabba’s Stories

BigZabba’s Stories

Enjoy the stories from the mind of a 3 year old….

The cat didn’t have one puppy. And the dog had 18 babies. And the girl walked over to the cat and tried to get the chance over. So they walked and walked until they got to the park. And they loved their children all cuddled and in apart. And I hope all my kids get a good time, the cat said. The End

Dog loved ring around the rosey. So they wanted to play at the park. Cat and Dog wanted to play at the park. So she wanted to go home with her Mommy so she wanted all today she wanted to think and think until the mask show was over. The Mommy she hugged the kid and gave her a tight good good big kiss. The End

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had 2 babies. And she didn’t have a Mommy, but she had a Daddy. So she loved the little girly. She laid down in bed whenever she wants her puppy. She got so many dollys, had good manners and watched tv. The Mommy stopped running, and then the Daddy had to go to work. The Daddy worked along time until the story was over. The next day she just got a candy cane. The End.

One thought on “BigZabba’s Stories

  1. I love it!! Their ideas and thoughts are often so random, you could never make that stuff up! So cute to see where her mind wanders, taking the story along with it.

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