In other news…

In other news…

Here is an update on many things –

Running – Since the Saddleback 1/2 Marathon I have only strapped on the running shoes once. What a shame. Not that I was really all that great at running, but I was getting ok at 10 miles, but now, it is like starting over at mile 1. I have a million reasons (excuses) why I am not getting out there and doing it, and all the while any hope for actually doing another half marathon is fading away.

AllyZabba – Things are going well. We will be reviewed by The Daily Stroll on Thursday, so we are excited to see what that brings.

The Zabbas – They are sick, again! BigZabba has a weird stomach ache and a fever, LittleZabba has/is fighting a cold. After I took BigZabba’s temperature, and it read 103, I told her, “You have a fever.” She threw herself on the floor, threw her head back and said with, “Not again!” It is summer, who gets sick in the summer!?

Luna Lou
– Our wonderful blanket came in the mail today. It is indeed as scrumptious as I had hoped. BigZabba even napped with it today.

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  1. Just saw the review of your blankets in the Daily Stroll newsletter. Congratulations! Let us know how you do with this great exposure.

    Helen (MWS)

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