This evening we decided to go to Truxton’s for dinner, a brand new restaurant just down the street from our house. We got there and there was a big sign in the window that said “Opening Soon”. That seemed odd since I had driven past earlier and they looked open, it even looked like they were serving customers. We decided to try anyway. When we got to the door there was a sign that said “private party”. Bummer. DaddyZabba, being the bold one that he is, decided to go ask if we could eat anyway. Well, did we hit the jackpot. They weren’t open for regular business. They were still training and were mock serving customers who were there by special invitation. They happened to have an extra table so they let us come in. So, we got to eat for free since they were still in the training process. We were allowed to order drinks, a starter, and an entree for each person. They even gave LittleZabba a menu…we were tempted to order her a meal and then take it home…but we didn’t. The food was great, they remodled the restaurant very nice and the people were super friendly. We will definitely be back!

One thought on “Truxton’s

  1. Good for DZ for being bold and asking! It’s the shy ones like me who lose out in situations like that! So glad you found a great restaurant so close to home.

    Sounds like the kids did well too??? That gives me hope that we may one day see the inside of a restaurant again. =)

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