An AllyZabba Poll

An AllyZabba Poll

To all who read this blog, I need opinions, so please leave your comments…

We have received so many requests for larger size blankets that we have decided to give it a try. AllyZabba will soon be debuting “The MegaZabba” an adult (or really big toddler) size blanket.

I need opinions about which fabric you would prefer on the back of this Chocolate AllyZabba:

Would you prefer sky blue dots or multi-colored dots with brown background?

4 thoughts on “An AllyZabba Poll

  1. OK, I have never seen a Zabba blanket, but I would prefer the multi color background because what if my second color is not blue? It seems like it would be marketable to more people–chocolate & pink, chocolate & blue, chocolate & yellow, etc.

    Are you in any holiday ‘shows’, to capatalize on holiday sales?

  2. I have to agree with “be a mary”… I like the multi-color background…for the “maketability” factor. Personally the blue is beautiful… but narrows the options a bit!!

    Have fun!!

  3. I like the multi-colored one because I think the brown background helps tie it in with the chocolate color on the other side… so they “go” well together.

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