Losing my Groove

Losing my Groove

My friend posted recently about finding her groove, in regards to mothering two children. That got me thinking….I feel like I am losing mine. At one time it felt easy, almost too easy.

Well, not so much now. BigZabba is going through what I can only call separation anxiety. It is very challenging for me. I am not sure how to handle it. Situations where she was once happy and content are now full of raw emotion and stress. She cannot explain why she is so upset, only that she wants to be with me. She has become clingy, needing me to do nearly everything with her. I thought things were getting better, and maybe in one sense they are, but even today she had a meltdown about playing at MOPS with children that she knows very well. So we left.

LittleZabba is a generally happy baby, until 4:00pm hits. Then my super smiley happy baby turns into a crying maniac. She could be teething, maybe her schedule isn’t agreeing with her and she needs to sleep more..I don’t know. So my solution to that is after going through the crying baby checklist; is she hungry, wet, dirty, hurt, tired, I can only guess that she is tired, so at 5:00pm she has gone to bed. (I know one hour isn’t that long, but I just cannot handle one hour of crying..I start to go a little crazy. Even BigZabba starts to say things like, “when will she stop, what is wrong with her?”) She must be exhausted because once she is in bed she sleeps all night. I guess I can’t really complain since my child will sleep from 5pm – 7am, but having a kid that goes to bed that early makes having any kind of evening very difficult.

Anyway, I know this is just a season of my life that is currently challenging. But it is still challenging. I guess this is what I get for having things too easy for a while.

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  1. My Z is having a hard time too. I had heard from several people that 3 (yrs old) is harder than 2. I wonder if this is 3? Or is this just transition with preschool and starting up with fall activities? Summer is pretty mellow for us, so maybe all the change is causing the challenge? I feel like I went from 0-60 mph, as far as social activities and outings. Suddenly we have preschool and bible study and play dates (people are back from vacation), etc. Im sure they can sense my 0-60, and they are probably struggling with coping too. (At least that is what I’m hoping!)

    Hang in there!

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