BigZabba walked in her class with no crying!! She was pouty and had “the lip”, but no tears!! I hope that this is the beginning of a new chapter in our pre-school experience. Her teacher promised that if there were no tears she would get to play with the guinea pigs today. So when the teacher came to get them in their line this morning, she was holding the guinea pig. So BigZabba could see the “prize” and all she had to do was walk in the class with no tears…and she did it! What a relief. The other parents were all watching to see what would happen and when the kids walked in the class everyone smiled and clapped for me. Yeah.

One thought on “Success!!

  1. Good for BZ! Yippee!! It sounds like the whole thing must have been pretty traumatic if other parents were watching to see what would happen. That seems like it would have been kind of unnerving! Hopefully it’s a thing of the past. =)

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