This Date In…

This Date In…

1987 – Went to Chung King with my class.

1989 – Today nothing really “big” happened. At 9:00pm (insert boy name here) called and he kept saying that he knew someone who likes me. It turns out that it’s him! I already knew that, but I figured that it was over. I really don’t know what to do about it! Should I pursue it, forget about it or what! I don’t know if I am over (insert different boy name here)! He’s cute and all but he lies, and well I don’t know. Life’s just rough! I guess I’ll let nature take it’s course.

1991 – I don’t know what made me pick up this journal today. I guess I should just write. (Insert girl name here) is really bugging me lately. She really knows how to get on my nerves! Something about her REALLY bugs me! Who knows! For my birthday (insert boy name here) sent me a bracelet. It’s really pretty! I miss him so much. Sometimes I think that this will work out and we’ll be together and other times I feel like it’s useless cuz’ he lives so far away! I just don’t know.

1993 – Lately I’ve been talking to (insert boy name here) a lot. Tonight when I talked to him we started talking about dances at school & to make a long story short he’s going to winter formal with me! He said that he’d go with me if I went to his.

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  1. This was great!!!! You should do more posts from your journal – that’s fun to read. Wow, you were great about writing! Did you write almost every day?? One of my greatest disappointments in myself is that I did not journal growing up. I soooo wish I had. It must be so much fun to read over what you’ve written.

    Just gotta say, there was sure a lot of activity on the “significant other” front! hee hee

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