Croupy Days

Croupy Days

Update – it is bronchitis. The doctor gave her some meds and wants to see her again on Friday. Since she had RSV as an infant he wants to watch her to make sure it doesn’t turn into something worse.

LittleZabba has the croup. She sounds like she is breathing through mud. That is a bummer. I pray that it goes away and fast. We would love to spend time with the new BabyZabba over the holidays, but if LittleZabba is sick we should stay away. She is currently sleeping with a vaporizer in her room without too much wheezing. Maybe a few days of that will help clear it up.

Here’s hoping!

2 thoughts on “Croupy Days

  1. Really sorry to hear Allison has the croup/bronchitis. We will be praying she’ll recover quickly and that BigZabba doesn’t get it.

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