Another Episode of..

Another Episode of..

..this date in history…

(written just like I wrote it then)

1988 – Today we were one hour late from school. I did not know how though, so I was at school at 8:30 cause our electricity was out. I woke up at 7:30. This man came to the door. Everyone is worried he’ll come back. (It was this crazy guy in army fatigues banging on our front door yelling that he knew we were in there and we should open the door..creepy)

1993 – Well it’s a new year! Christmas was really good! We had fun just staying home and playing with Dad’s new game boy! He’s gonna need lots of new batteries, and soon! My braces came off December 15. I’m really glad those gross things are gone. Horray! I finally asked (insert boy name here) to winter formal. I hope it goes well and nothing stupid happens. (It was a horrible date! All night I tried to convince him that we should be “together” was terrible) This “thing” with (winter formal boy) is really confusing. I don’t know what’s up. Maybe it would be better for us to just be friends. And then there is (insert DaddyZabba’s name here!!) I don’t know what is up with him either! I’m too confused!

1994 – In six months I will graduate. Wow. I wonder what this year will bring. I’ll start college this year. Other than that I have no clue! To start off the year I worked (at McDonalds). I guess that’s good. I started off the year on the right foot. I hope that brings good fortune!