Since my previous post about my credential I discovered that my credential doesn’t expire until June 2008, so I have more time that I thought I had to complete my requirements. So in light of that, I think (I say ‘i think’ becuase I am still hesitant to commit myself!) I have decided to homeschool BigZabba in the fall. This would allow me to complete my requirements and still have time with my baby! I was starting to get sad thinking about my little girl being gone from 8:15 – 2:30 every day. That is a long day for a little kid. I know that I would have been the crying Mom on the first day of school. The last few days I have been looking into different homeschool curriculum, groups, etc. and while it could be overwhelming, I am actually getting really excited about it.

Anyone have any advice or things that I should look in to?

Allison, I looked into the Professional Growth hours that you mentioned in your comment and I found this on the CTC website. What do you think this means? They no longer require verification of hours and teaching days…so does this mean that it is on the honor system? Then it says, “ As a result of the changes outlined above, the Commission will no longer issue the two-year extension for individuals who did not complete their professional growth requirements, but issue a five-year document instead.” What does that mean in English? If you don’t complete the requirements they wont give the extension, but a five year document? What?

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  1. Hey, I found your blog recently and have enjoyed reading it. I look foward to reading about your upcoming decision to homeschool. I have to renew my credential soon, it expires June 07. I am working for a homeschool charter right now and have heard from others that there is no verification. You just pay the money and get your next 5 years (almost like a lifetime credential, but we still have to pay every 5 years). I better get on it soon….I will let you know!

  2. Hey Allyzabba,
    This is DancingQueen from Mommies with Style! I’ve homeschooled the last 4 years – we love it. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me and all the best with your decision!

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