To any current or former teachers out there…

I have a credential renewal question. My credential is close to expiring and I am beginning to panic about it since I have done nothing to fulfill the renewal requirements. I was reading the Professional Growth Manual and in there it states..

During the period you are away from education it is acceptable to allow the credential to lapse or become invalid. There is no penalty for allowing a credential to expire as long as you are not currently employed in a position that requires it. When you decide to return to education you may request a one time 2 year reinstatement of the professional clear credential. During this 2 year period you must complete all requirements. Activities completed while the original credential was valid, during the lapsed time, and during the 2 year extension period may be counted toward the required hours.

So does this mean that I don’t need to worry about renewing until I want to return to teaching? The way I read it, I don’t need to renew until I want to go back to teaching and then I will have no penalties and I won’t have to go back to compete any additional coursework or take any extra tests because I allowed the credential to expire. It will be like the lapse never happened and I can renew when I want with no consequences.

Is that how you read it too? Please say yes.