This Week (long & boring)

This Week (long & boring)

This week has been hectic. LittleZabba has been sick all week. It started with a low grade fever, which I associated with teething. As the week went on the fever got higher and she got more and more fussy. She is not normally fussy so I was compassionate (at first). On Tuesday night she woke with with a fever of 101 and the shakes. I was pretty sure that this wasn’t teething anymore. After 2 more wakings in the night (which is not normal for her) I decided it was time to see the doctor. After 1 hour at the doctor, ear check, throat check, lung check, urine check, it was concluded that she either has some kind of virus that he cannot see or she is teething. So basically comfort measures until it goes away. In one sense that is good that there isn’t really anything that wrong with her, but a part of me wanted there to be something wrong so I could give her medicine to make it go away faster. I was getting very weary of the crying and whining and having to hold her all day. Thursday morning she woke up with a fever of 102.3. She wasn’t getting better!! arg. Another day of whining and fussing and holding. Friday morning she woke up with no fever, but instead she was covered with a yucky looking rash. I thought it was roseola, which is common after fevers of 102. After her afternoon nap the rash was even worse all over her neck, face, arms, legs, was everywhere. It looked really bad. I feared chicken pox. Lucky for me my neighbor is a pediatrician. I took LittleZabba up the street and it is just roseola. whew. So, this morning she is still somewhat fussy, but she ate a good breakfast and the rash has mostly gone away.

That is a very long and boring explanation of why I have been absent in the blogging world this week. Hopefully next week will be better.

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  1. Sorry it’s been a tough week. Wish I could have been there to ‘spell’ you when you were weary from holding her – I would have gladly filled in if she would have let me.

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