Tommee Tippee

Tommee Tippee

When BigZabba was born someone, I can’t remember who, gave us this bib. For whatever reason I never used it. Now with LittleZabba we use it all the time! It really saves a lot of messes. Most of the time LittleZabba spills all the food into the “bib trough” then she eats out of the bib. So a huge thank you to the person who gifted us with the Tommee Tippee bib. (for those who wonder, she isn’t crying in this photo, this is her smile)

One thought on “Tommee Tippee

  1. Savannah and Ashley both use a bib like this for every meal. I LOVE these things!! I look at all the food and drink that sits in the “trough” at the end of the meal, and think, “That would have been on my floor!” They are worth every penny!

    Cute picture!!

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