While the Children were Away

While the Children were Away

While the girls were at their Grandparents house DaddyZabba and I got a way for a few days for our anniversary. We had a great time! We spent 3 days in Napa getting some much needed rest. We visited some wineries, relaxed by the pool, took a hot air balloon ride and even visited the Jelly Belly Factory. We had a fantastic time.

The place we stayed in Napa was awesome, The Carneros Inn. The room was beautiful, the views were amazing, and the staff was very friendly. While visiting the winery we learned a few things about wine…you start with white then comes red and dessert wines are last. I learned that I am not a big fan of red wines. I had to try really hard to not act like a 4 year old and make a nasty face when I tasted the red wine. I had to act a little grown up! From then on I started with the white and skipped right to the dessert wines. We also learned that some people take their wine very seriously, we are not those people. At some of the tastings there was a lot of swishing and sniffing going on…were we supposed to do that too?

All in all we had a super time and I can’t wait until we can go again!

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