Pappy Update

Pappy Update

He continues to decline. Please pray for him, my Grandmother and my Mom. He is back in the hospital with a variety of symptoms. I believe that he is ready to meet Jesus, it is just a matter of time before his body lets him. He is at peace with “going home”. It is a hard time for my Mom so please remember her in your prayers. It has to be difficult to see your father in this state, to be strong for your Mother who is losing her spouse and yet be a grieving daughter. She is tired and weary. We love Pappy and will be sad to be without him, but we will rejoice in knowing that he will no longer have pain and he will have enough “wind” to play the harmonica loud and strong once again. Thank you for your prayers.

(pictured – Pappy & Mommom with my Mom-1945)

Update – BigZabba’s prayer tonight was very sweet and showed great understanding:

Jesus Food,

Thank you for my fun day I had tonight. Pray for ShaSha, Mommom and Pappy to feel better soon and please help Pappy not to die but we know that you control everything and we don’t. So you should do what you want.
In Jesus name we pray, Amen.