Documented Behavior Problem

Documented Behavior Problem

We went to the children’s dentist today. They couldn’t have it set up better for kids. A movie on in the corner, video games attached to the wall, Disney characters on the wall, all the dental chairs are facing a big TV, stuffed animals and toys everywhere…it is almost paradise…if you can forget you are at the dentist. So, everything is going great until they call her name. Then the slow walking begins. Then we go over to the chair where they take x-rays…this is when the lip came out. When she was told to climb into the chair the soft crying started. When I “encouraged” her to get in the chair the wail came out. So, the nurse decided that the doctor could decide if x-rays were needed. Great idea. Now we tried to get her to sit in the dental chair and watch a movie. No. Ok, how about the swivel chair and play with some legos. No. All the while we are listening to the wail. So the dentist comes over and asks me, “What happened to her at her other dentist to make her so afraid?” Nothing! She then commented that normally when kids act like this they have had some sort of trauma at their previous dentist. Let’s just say that everyone in the office was gawking at us. We must have been a sight. BigZabba wailing, LittleZabba crying because her sister is, and Me trying to smile it all away. Where is Calgone when you need it!? She is supposed to go back in 3 weeks for a cleaning. I am really looking forward to it. As we left I saw on her referral form it says “Reason for referral – Documented Behavior Problem”. Nice.

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  1. Bummer! I prayed for you both. Who knows what kind of argument is going on in her mind when she arrives at the dentist.

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