Trials of Parenthood

Trials of Parenthood

Who would have thought that going to the dentist could be so traumatic. BigZabba had to visit the dentist this morning. In the past she has had trouble so we played it up a lot. If all went well she could go out to the restuarant of her choice with whomever she wanted for lunch today. She chose Islands with her friend, Lola’s daughter. (if you note the time of this posting you will get a sense of where this is going) When it was her turn the meltdown began. The lip, the tears, the trembling lips, then the wail. The dentist quickly saw that this wasn’t going to go smoothly and tried everything…do you want to sit on Mommy’s lap? just stand in front of me…i just need to look at your teeth…i am not going to touch you just look in your mouth…all the while she is standing in the corner like a scared cat. From the look on my face she could tell that I was not pleased. So, we made our way to the exit. At this point she realizes that the fun lunch with a friend is not going to happen and the wail becomes even louder and she starts yelling about how it “hurts her feelings”. Oh the drama.

This is the 4th time we have tried to take her to the dentist and this is pretty much how it goes everytime. The dentist said today that she needed to go elsewhere now. Poor guy..he really tried his best. We have an appointment later in the week with a children’s dentist. I can only pray it goes better. I am not sure my nerves can handle another episode.

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