Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!

This has been a great birthday weekend. It all started Saturday with the second annual Mommy’s birthday scavenger hunt. After many clues and several trips up and down the stairs I found my gifts. DaddyZabba took some great photos of plumeria flowers, printed them, and framed them. I have wanted them for so long, and they look great!

Then ShaSha & Papa came for lunch and gave me a beautiful shadow box that had my school pictures, baby shoes, and baby keys in it. They then babysat the girls while we went to Cirque du Soleil. It was fantastic. This morning I was treated to breakfast in bed and my last gift, a GPS system for the car. I am terrible at directions and I get lost a lot, so this will come in handy alot! This afternoon we had lunch with Lola and her family. She gifted me with a few things, but my favorite is a new armband for my Nano. She has heard me complain many times about mine, so I guess this was her way of shutting me up! =)

To top it off, tonight BigZabba and I went to Circus Vargus. What a weekend!

The past year has included:
225.41 miles run
5122 emails received
574 blankets sold
1 new nephew
181 blog posts

5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. What a fun birthday for you. Daddy Z did well. Circus for you and circus for BigZabba. Papa and I loved being with you and enjoying all the birthday fun especially the 4 layer boston cream cake and 31 candles aflame!! Oh my….what could be in store next year???? We’ll see…….

  2. Happy birthday!! Sounds like your family had a special day planned for you.

    [That’s a LOT of miles and blankets! Way to go!]

  3. I hope you had a great birthday, by the looks of it you did! And I have a baby boy that LOVES his new blanket. That was very kind, thank you the family of zabbas, it’s beautiful.
    You do great work.

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