Surf’s Up on DVD

Surf’s Up on DVD

Surf’s Up is out on DVD (Widescreen Special Edition) this week. The DVD has a lot of special features and I’ve noticed a lot of great reviews:

Detroit News:

Why wasn’t this animated movie about a penguin surfing competition a bigger hit? Maybe the world finally grew tired of penguin movies, which is perfectly understandable; but really, we all should have bailed at “Happy Feet” and come back for this lark.


“Surf’s Up” got a deal rawer than a penguin’s dinner. The film had the bad luck of being the second computer-generated penguin film in a year, following the inferior but massively successful “Happy Feet. the interview segments evoke the same magical realism among older viewers as Nick Park’s “Creature Comforts” did. “Surf’s Up” is as fun as a day at the beach. And besides, which is more interesting: watching a bunch of birds dancing or watching them hang six on a pipeline?”

And gives a very detailed and favorable review of all the special features.

Hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to DaddyZabba for letting me steal his post.