What to do!?

What to do!?

The dentist called today to let me know that BigZabba’s dental cleaning had been approved with our insurance so I need to make an appointment to come in. Am I really up to this again? Since last time was such a success I have high hopes that this time will go better. Not.

I really don’t know what to do. My Dad, from what I have been told, had similar fears of the dentist as a child. He to this day is anxious about the dentist, although he doesn’t kick and scream about it now. I don’t want her to have this fear all her life. Will she grow out of it? Will she learn to control it, as my Dad did? I don’t think it is all that necessary for her to go to the dentist now. She has great dental hygiene, she even loves to floss. Should I force her to go now and hope that she will one day suddenly love going to the dentist? Or should I just wait until either a) her teeth have problems and she has to go or b) she is old enough to control herself? She is already worked herself into quite a tizzy. She went to bed in tears knowing that I was going to call to make an appointment. She is truly afraid, of what I don’t know. Nothing bad has ever happened at the dentist, mostly because she has never completed a visit. It is hard to have a dental exam when you don’t open your mouth.

What do I do? I need advice.

2 thoughts on “What to do!?

  1. What about if LittleZabba gets her teeth checked? Maybe that would relive some anxiety, as well as kick in the ‘Hey, I’M the big sister!’ feelings?

  2. that is a good idea. i fear though she will act the same as BZ. she gets shy around strangers, and i can only imagine what she will do when a stranger tries to poke her teeth with sharp instruments. i am not sure i have the strength to try again. i am exhausted just thinking about it. i may have to con daddyzabba into taking her this time.

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