Sydney Aquarium

Sydney Aquarium

One night, after the girls went to bed, we were in our room reading when suddenly we heard loud booms. We looked out our window and saw a great fireworks show over the Sydney Opera House. It was beautiful! It was so fun to watch the show, hear the music & the cheers.

The next day we went out to visit the Sydney Aquarium. BigZabba, who loves animals of all kind, had a super day. She loved seeing all the huge fish, and especially loved the Nemo tank. They had all the fish seen in the movie Finding Nemo. She was thrilled to see Dori. All of us enjoyed the large tanks. There were 3 large tanks that had walking tubes in the them. We walked through the tanks and saw seals, turtles, rays, sharks, all kinds of fish..etc. It was very neat. Some of the sharks were laying on the tubes so we could see their bellies.

One of BigZabba’s favorite places to eat was Pancakes on the Rocks. I think she loved it so much because they served pancakes topped with ice-cream. Who wouldn’t love that!?

Now it is time to leave Sydney and head to Manly Beach. More stories to come…

2 thoughts on “Sydney Aquarium

  1. Looking at your blog is like watching a movie everyday – except even better – it’s always rated G and it’s free!

    You are amazing

  2. I just now got caught up on all your adventuring. SOOOOOO fun!!! I am so glad the girls are along for the adventures!

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