Can we play the game…

Can we play the game…

Every once in a while, a silly thing we’ll do with BigZabba once turns into one of her favorite games. An example–just about every time BigZabba finishes her entire plate at dinner we have a conversation like this:

BigZabba: Mommy, can you play the game where you ask me where my dinner is?

Mommy: Ok, let me see, where did your dinner go?

BigZabba: I ate it.

Mommy: I don’t think so young lady, did you hide it under your chair?

BigZabba: [laughing] Nope, I ate it.

Mommy: Than, what did you do with it? You must have fed it to the dog.

BigZabba: [laughing] No, we don’t even have a dog. I ate it all.

Mommy: [pretend anger] Now wait one second young lady, you’re going to be in a lot of trouble for lying when I find out what really happened to your dinner. Did you feed it to your sister?

LittleZabba: [laughing now too]
BigZabba: [laughing] No. I ate it…

This goes on for about 5 minutes before we’ll finally admit that she must have just eaten it and the congratulations commence.

She loves a similar game about picking which hamburger is hers when we eat at In-N-Out. DaddyZabba figures out some reason why each burger is hers (except for the one she ordered). Now, whenever we order burgers, we know we’ll hear, “Daddy, can we play the game where you pretend to give me everyone else’s hamburger…”